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Who we are

Simplify and solve complex business problems

We ask the right questions and get to the core of the issue fast in order to plan an effective and efficient route forward that drives commercial results.

Develop and define compelling brands

We focus on establishing a meaningful purpose that sits at the heart of a brand, driving momentum by creating a relevant and resonant role within culture.

Establish and evolve new ways of working

We construct pioneering and productive new working practices to bring the right minds, motivations and means together, at speed.

Cultivate and codify resilient cultures

We explore the people, practices and philosophies that encompass an organisation to uncover obstacles, break down barriers and mobilise potential.

Coach and build capability for existing talent

We’re not only instigators of change, we’re also navigators of it; we steer and support leaders and their teams as they embrace the new normal with a focus on capacity building and self sufficiency.


Talking about ourselves is good. Having our clients talk about us is better.

Intelligent, strategic, innovative, dedicated and customer focused - these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of Zoe. Zoe led a challenging marcoms strategy project for us, delivering all fronts. She finds the sweet spot between engaging and challenging stakeholders, bringing her vast experience, broad skills and deep expertise to the table. Zoe is also an absolute pleasure to work with, always pragmatic and super focused on getting things done.
Ben Glatz, Digital Transformation Lead, Shell
I had the pleasure of working with Zoe on a transformational marketing planning process for the adidas brand. She is razor sharp, has a global point of view, and tells it as it is. That combination was exactly what we were looking for to cut through the plethora of marketing jargon and corporate bureaucracy, quite simply, she helped drive us to a better place.
Ryan Mitchell, Director, Global Brand Strategy, adidas
If you’re looking to drive rapid change in your business, you’ll need a clear and compelling strategy that leverages the very best practice. Zoe’s experience, from such a wide variety of industries, means she’s absolutely the go-to partner for this agenda. But what makes her particularly effective, is how she spends time to truly understand your business culture, so that the organisation is inspired and follows the lead. So, if you’re aiming to disrupt and push your organisation beyond the next step, look no further.
Oliver Clarke, Group Marketing Director, Ambassador Theatre Group
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Founder of Bodacious

Zoe Scaman

Founder of Bodacious

Zoe is an experienced and accomplished brand and business strategist with a broad base of knowledge and a varied skill set. She specialises in bridging the often deep chasm between creative brand planning and commercial business performance; focusing on developing ideas that drive positive change and measurable growth.

Prior to Bodacious Zoe held director-level positions at agencies such as Droga5 and Naked Communications. She’s also consulted on projects with Adidas, Nike Foundation, BMW/MINI, Google, Shell, Coca Cola and more. Across a range of fields from brand planning to digital communications, business strategy, innovation processes, new product design, international development and organisational transformation; involving new operating models, team structures, training and coaching.

And she’s done this on opposite sides of the world, quite literally, in Sydney, London, New York, Hong Kong, Switzerland and even Ethiopia.

Her focus now with Bodacious is to help organisations thrive as they navigate change; by creating bold and contemporary brands, developing audacious commercial plans, undertaking pioneering projects and building exceptional teams - all through the lens of creativity.

A bit about Zoe

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