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If you’re looking to drive rapid change in your business, you’ll need a clear and compelling strategy that leverages the very best practice. Zoe’s experience, from such a wide variety of industries, means she’s absolutely the go-to partner for this agenda. But what makes her particularly effective, is how she spends time to truly understand your business culture, so that the organisation is inspired and follows the lead. So, if you’re aiming to disrupt and push your organisation beyond the next step, look no further.
Oliver Clarke, Group Marketing Director, Ambassador Theatre Group
Collaborative, adaptive, voraciously curious and loving a good challenge… Zoe is one of the very best strategists I’ve ever worked with. Give your brain a good workout: hire her.
Hervé Hannequin, Group Customer Officer, Ambassador Theatre Group
Intelligent, strategic, innovative, dedicated and customer focused - these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of Zoe. Zoe led a challenging marcoms strategy project for us, delivering all fronts. She finds the sweet spot between engaging and challenging stakeholders, bringing her vast experience, broad skills and deep expertise to the table. Zoe is also an absolute pleasure to work with, always pragmatic and super focused on getting things done.
Ben Glatz, Digital Transformation Lead, Shell
I had the pleasure of working with Zoe on a transformational change initiative at PepsiCo in 2015. Zoe co-authored the global marketing vision statement that would serve as the guidepost for our function’s evolution in the coming years. As part of the project, I witnessed first hand how Zoe is adept at navigating ambiguity, change management and organizational politics. As an example, she helped develop a stakeholder mapping strategy to implement the vision. Beyond her strong strategic thought leadership, Zoe is an excellent project manager, and is willing to “roll up her sleeves” and dive into the details to ensure a project is delivered on time, within budget, and with excellence. I would hire Zoe again in a heartbeat, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future!
Marissa Jarratt, Senior Director, Global Marketing at PepsiCo
Coca-Cola South Pacific has very exacting standards when it comes to the development of our brand communications. We have the privilege of working on some of the most recognisable brands in the world and in order to maintain these we always try to work with the best agency partners. What this ultimately means is the best people and Zoe certainly fits this description. Zoe is a new breed of communications strategist. One born in the digital age, with a huge appetite for knowledge and strong beliefs. What this translates into is strong recommendations on our brands. Zoe is also known within our business and across the wider communications industry for her understanding of trends and the implications and applications of them on a day-to-day basis.
Leo Roberts, GMM Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola South Pacific
I had the pleasure of working with Zoe on a transformational marketing planning process for the adidas brand. She is razor sharp, has a global point of view, and tells it as it is. That combination was exactly what we were looking for to cut through the plethora of marketing jargon and corporate bureaucracy, quite simply, she helped drive us to a better place.
Ryan Mitchell, Director, Global Brand Strategy, adidas
When someone like Zoe works for you, you know that your company is blessed with rare talent. She manages to strike the difficult balance between supreme authority and eminent collaborator. She was Naked’s go-to person on all matters digital for our entire global network. That’s 300 people in 14 offices in 12 countries; from New Zealand to Norway; from New South Wales to New York. She also writes award-winning strategies for her clients, including some of the biggest brands in the world, like Coca-Cola and as a cultural leader, Zoe was one of the shining examples in Naked Sydney’s team. She is a consistent source of creative ideas, an excellent collaborator, a presenter par excellence, and she can be relied on to keep her cool under the most strenuous of circumstances. She is already a leading light in the industry and she will shine brightly for as long as she chooses.
Mike Wilson, Chairman Naked Communications, AU/NZ
Zoe is relentlessly modern. She constantly and curiously explores the boundaries of where our industry is and should be heading and brings this into her work. Her incredibly steadfast and firm views make sure the creative process doesn’t wander without focus and that clients are kept firmly on the right path. Her “no b*&s*&t” filter kicks in the millisecond an idea wanders, and I found this hugely powerful during both the creative process and the client development process. Zoe also quietly, quickly and thoroughly puts in the groundwork behind the scenes to ensure everything is bullet-proof when it is presented. Highly, highly recommended.
Toto Ellis, Head Of Strategy, Droga5 Europe
Having worked with Zoe over four years I can confidently say she is a world class thinker with a natural strategic talent. Her endless energy and desire to push boundaries means she is a pleasure to work with.
Stefan Burford, Chief Strategy Officer, IPG Media Brands
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